May 1, 2023
Written by 
Christie Pang

#LearningGoals in the Era of ChatGPT

Part One: Our City (status quo of learning)

A Trilogy on how AI Is About to Upend Teaching and Learning.

There’s a dragon outside the city walls.
Your world is no longer safe. What should you do?

Escape? Defend? Attack?

Your family might have started trying Yeti Confetti Kids beta app (Lirvana Labs’ AI-enabled learning app) on the App Store now! Chances are, your kid(s) also know what YouTube, TikTok, and Minecraft are, whether we are Team Abstain, Delay, or Embrace. Consider yourself well-informed if you also know what Khan Academy, GPT, and SuperNoodle are.

And for the 100 superhero families about to try our Smart Parents Assistant - your sidekick Yeti Confetti will keep you updated on how your child uniquely acquires knowledge, what they will enjoy reading this weekend, and how we curate content that’s healthy, incredibly fun, and meets your child exactly at their level of cognitive development, real-time.

Shouldn't tech and devices be about empowering families? 🤔

Clearly, not always. There is something brewing outside our City Walls. Regardless of how you ended up here with us, let’s take a moment to think about what the state of #parentinggoals and #educationgoals look like for this generation.

What is at stake?

Let’s weigh the evidence.

80% of 3–9 year olds alive today have moms and dads that are millennials. Looking at the global top parenting hashtags on YouTube / TikTok, it is apparent what the Status Quo of families, learning, and interaction with technology look like - people have TVs, smartphones, tablets, and computers, with kids interacting with them a decent amount daily.

Unlike previous generations, perfection is not a goal in learning for our kids. Parents don’t want to be authoritative supervisors or “helicopters”; that is not healthy for child OR parent. We prefer to be mentors and coaches. We want children to play, create, think critically, and have social emotional “muscle”. SEL is as important, if not more, than academic achievement (this is also what’s most important according to experts, in the era of ChatGPT).

This year, Harvard, for example, is looking for candidates who know “the importance of humility, that good questions are better than answers”. (contact us if you want to know how we know)

Enough said. 9 out of 10 moms reported they would pay anything to clone themselves if they could, just to help their child with homework, read to their toddlers, and play catch whenever their child wants to. But alas, we’re not there yet with technology.

What’s the threat then and how can we respond as The City?

Up Next: I invite you to take a look at The Dragon outside our City walls (is it GenAI??)...