Why Yeti Confetti Kids

Yeti Confetti Kids offers a unique blend of cutting-edge technology, educator-curated content, and a family-empowering interface to provide children between the ages of 3 and 9 with a completely personalized and novel learning experience.
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Areas of Learning We Tailor Make for Every Child
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An Every-Child Learning Companion
We utilize and continuously fine-tune language model outputs to create a personalized learning companion for every child in Yeti Confetti. Yeti adapts to individual learning needs and preferences, delivering tailored, human-like feedback, tips and hints to optimize learning outcome change, regardless of where your child’s starting point is at.
The AI Layers
Social, Emotional, and Critical Thinking Skill-Training at a Critical Time in the AI Race
Yeti Confetti Kids places Social Emotional Learning at its core. In the age where digital media platforms consistently deliver misleading, often toxically addictive content to the youngest of minds, we see a radical and urgent need to prep our children with crucial life skills like empathy, self-awareness, resilience, and critical thinking. We do that through expert-developed interactive role-play, and dynamic Q&A co-developed with UN advisors, Harvard Research PhDs, and Stanford Professors.
Global, Cutting-Edge Curriculum Design, Tailored for Every Child
Our unique platform gathers from a spectrum of culturally inclusive curriculum and learning theories, cutting across English Literacy, Math, and Logic Reasoning, drawing from global standards and cognitive research. We’ve assembled a diverse team and conducted pilot programs worldwide to provide a comprehensive learning experience.
Live Feedback and Empowerment, in Classrooms and Living Rooms
We empower families and teachers with transparency and support. Our “Parent World” and Real-Time Nurturer Reports provide actionable insights (“Here’s what you can do in the supermarket with Peter; he has just learned to add with objects!”). With 200 VIP Families consulted and constantly upvoting features, we believe AI should serve every nurturer that has a role in facilitating holistic child development.
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