Why Yeti Confetti™ Kids

Yeti Confetti™ Kids offers a unique blend of cutting-edge technology, educator-curated content, and a family-empowering interface to provide pre-school and elementary grade children with a completely personalized and novel learning experience.
15k+ Active Users
on iOS and Android
9 mil Impressions
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160k+ Minutes
AI-generated learning
Areas of Learning We Tailor Make for Every Child
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An Every-Child Learning Companion
We utilize and continuously fine-tune language model outputs to create a personalized learning companion for every child in Yeti Confetti™. Yeti adapts to individual learning needs and preferences, delivering tailored, human-like feedback, tips and hints to optimize learning outcome change, regardless of where your child’s starting point is at.
The AI Layers
Social, Emotional, and Critical Thinking Skill-Training at a Critical Time in the AI Race
Yeti Confetti™ Kids places Social Emotional Learning at its core. In the age where digital media platforms consistently deliver misleading, often toxically addictive content to the youngest of minds, we see a radical and urgent need to prep our children with crucial life skills like empathy, self-awareness, resilience, and critical thinking. We do that through expert-developed interactive role-play, and dynamic Q&A co-developed with UN advisors, Harvard Research PhDs, and Stanford Professors.
Global, Cutting-Edge Curriculum Design, Tailored for Every Child
Our unique platform gathers from a spectrum of culturally inclusive curriculum and learning theories, cutting across English Literacy, Math, and Logic Reasoning, drawing from global standards and cognitive research. We’ve assembled a diverse team and conducted pilot programs worldwide to provide a comprehensive learning experience.
Live Feedback and Empowerment, in Classrooms and Living Rooms
We empower families and teachers with transparency and support. Our “Parent World” and Real-Time Nurturer Reports provide actionable insights (“Here’s what you can do in the supermarket with Peter; he has just learned to add with objects!”). With 200 VIP Families consulted and constantly upvoting features, we believe AI should serve every nurturer that has a role in facilitating holistic child development.
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