May 1, 2023
#LearningGoals in the Era of ChatGPT
Part I of a Trilogy: Let’s imagine that a city represents the status quo of parenting and education. There’s now a dragon outside the city walls. Your world is no longer safe. Who is this dragon? What should you do? Escape? Defend? Attack?
December 31, 2022
Should AI be part of the village that raises our children? Our Collective in Asia gave it a try.
After observing 120 hours of children interaction with an AI-directed pretotype, we started to see unique patterns that optimize learning outcomes across all developmental ages.
September 30, 2022
From Audible to ChatGPT: Going Old‑School Before Going Forward
Without much doubt, 100% of us believe books are great for our kids. We asked children’s book authors and development specialists to tell us how they think the best of all worlds might be captured if they could create an optimal tech-enabled reading tool for Gen Alpha.
August 27, 2022
Welcome to the Collective
Thank you for being awesome enough to care about how our next generation will interact with AI and screens. To kick things off, 200 of us across Asia and Silicon Valley responded enthusiastically to the Learning Labs (renamed Lirvana Labs) survey about AI, Educational Apps & Media for Kids in 2021, during the height of the Pandemic. Here’s what we said.