Meet the Founders
Clement Pang
Christie Pang
In late 2021, Clement and Christie (a brother-sister duo) decided to establish Lirvana Labs with a shared vision. We wanted to harness the power of AI to create a Learning Companion that could teach every single child the critical literacy and reasoning skills that change lives and destinies. The blessing of having had a full-time hands-on mother in the first 10 years of their lives played a significant role in why they started Lirvana Labs.

We know firsthand the value of having access to quality and personalized education resources, with an empowering, nurturing community surrounding us as children. We are motivated to build purposeful products in Silicon Valley, and it has never been more important to do so at the turn of the AI era. We brought along with us a collective of highly engaged families from Asia and the US, conducting field research and in-home trials together.
The Founding Team
In 2022, within just three months of establishing our office in Menlo Park, we were humbled to have veteran designers, media creators, staff engineers from Big Tech, all willing to be a part of our team.
Tim Schmidt
Founding Engineer
Rachel Palangié
Founding Engineer
Shreyas Narayanan
Software Engineer
Paul Clenahan
Product Manager
Aggie Cheung
Founding Designer
Sarah Sung
Senior Designer
Ryan Parajas
Associate Designer
Queenie Kung
Marketing Ninja
Our Global and Local Communities
Our strong connection with the teaching community is a cornerstone of our approach. By collaborating closely with educators, we ensure that our app aligns with educational objectives and effectively supports classroom instruction. We have embarked on pilot programs with teachers in California, New York, Thailand, Lebanon, and Hong Kong. As part of our dedication to the local community, we are offering free access to our app for families throughout the summer.

While we focus on local impact, our aspirations extend globally. We have initiated pilot programs in refugee elementary school networks in the Middle East and partnered with needs-based schools in SE Asia. We see our community as a global collective that cares about empowering our next generation, using tech responsibly and it takes the entire village to do so.
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