Yeti Confetti™ Makes Teaching Easy, Effective, and Engaging

Empower Educators to Dedicate Quality Time to Each Child.
Cover Foundational Language Arts and Numeracy for PreK, TK and Lower Elementary.

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Personalized Learning Companion for Each Child

Infinite Activity Library Covering 200+ English, Math and SEL Curriculum Topics

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School-wide Impact Measurement Portal

Parent World and Engagement

What Experts Are Saying

Stone and Yuk Lee

Founders and CEO
Daniel International School, Thailand
Successful Asia Educators and School Planters

Overall, the Lirvana App stands out due to its comprehensive curriculum, focus on Social Emotional Learning, effective use of AI, and the invaluable support provided by its founding team.”

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Dr. Alexandra Chen

UN, World Bank advisor, child trauma psychologist,
Interim CEO of Jusoor

...our hope is that the data that emerges from our exciting pilot with Lirvana Labs will not only give nuance to the AI app on the diversity of learning disadvantages in crisis contexts, but also potentially uncover areas of learning resilience that can be capitalized on when educating children in all contexts.”

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Christine Ma-Lau

Principal, JEMS Academy

As a character education and SEL advisor to Lirvana Labs, I am thrilled to be part of their mission to promote social-emotional learning through their transformative AI platform. I firmly believe in the power of SEL to shape individuals and communities for the better and the team at Lirvana Labs is well positioned to make a global impact.”

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See How Our Impact-Proven AI Learning Assistance Helped Students

Case Study - Uplifting English Language Development scores against baseline WIDA test by 1.28 Grade Levels in Thailand

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How Comprehensive is Yeti Confetti™?

Create Diverse Pathways for Each Child

Multi-modal Differentiated Instruction allow educators to engage each child while saving time

800+ Expert-Curated Media Library

Infinite on-the-Fly Assessments

Comprehensive Coverage of Literacy and Math Skills

Aligns to 

Curriculum Standards

Including Common Core and a variety of national and professional standards


Phonics, Encoding & Decoding, Vocabulary, Foundational Reading, and Language Arts


Numeracy, Math Reasoning, Data and Measurement, Geometry, Computational Thinking

SEL Content, Co-created with Research Institutions

Aligns to 



With original interactive storylines that boost problem-solving skills

Social Emotional Learning (SEL)
  • Feelings/Emotions
  • Growth Mindset
  • Self-Care
  • Better Together
  • Sustainability & Preserving Resources
Critical Thinking with Deliberation

* Collaboration for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning (CASEL),

How Yeti Personalizes Learning and Scaffolds Instruction

Gain and Retain Knowledge

Real World Application

* Bloom’s Taxonomy, Center for Teaching, Vanderbilt University

Mind & Heart Health

Celebrate Progress for Every Child!


Rewarding trying again, personal growth, and successes





Celebrating progress across  75+ skills

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Easy & Effective for Teachers

Smart & Personalized Reporting

Feedback notes prepared by Yeti in seconds

Lesson Plans Suggestions that Bridge to Classroom Instructions

Insightful, Actionable Analytics

Suitable for Different Uses

Full Class

1 teacher to multiple students group exercise

Summer School

High usage daily

English Language Learner Classrooms

Catch up to grade level

After-School Enrichment Programs

Supplement regular schooling

Contact us if you have Summer Programs, After-School Enrichment, SEL and Literary Supplemental Services that meet funding requirements
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