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Be a G-O G-O Superhero this gifting season! For only US$4.99/month*, your child can experience an AI-enabled learning journey. Every dollar helps us deliver the same quality learning to a refugee child, through our partnership with Jusoor.

*Equivalent to 50% off Early Access Pricing for all premium features as well.


for a whole year!

*Subject to regional tax variations. Subscription auto-renews for the same period until you cancel. Free basic access to regular app features not affected without a subscription.

Lock In Pricing NOW

Subscription will be available for iOS in early 2024, lock in 50% off pricing NOW.

Lirvana Labs will match your child’s subscription 1-for-1 and cover the cost to bring our app to refugee children served by Jusoor who are displaced by war:


One Month Data Access


All-inclusive Gift of donation for a Month


4 Families Transport to Pick Up Donated Phones

All G-O G-O Superheros will get unlimited early access to ALL upcoming VIP features:

Screen Time Doctor

  • Wind down and screen time limit per World Health Organization recommendation

  • Tantrum-free Times Up + Session Recap per latest Pediatrician guidelines!

Parent Yeti Conference

  • Chat with Yeti, your AI Assistant who finds the exact expert advice you need

  • Personalized book, activities, and conversation suggestions based on your child’s needs!

Multilingual Yeti

  • Explain problems and encourage the child with step-by-step guidance in their first language alongside English

  • Support Mandarin, Spanish, Arabic, German, French, and more, with full control of when you want Yeti to speak which language!

And many more to come!

Lock in your preview pricing of US$4.99 equivalent or half-off our Superhero VIP features when it goes live in 2024.

These Children Need Your Generosity

We are on a mission to create an AI-powered Learning Companion that teaches every child English Literacy, Math, and Social Emotional Learning skills that change lives and destinies.
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Jusoor, which means “bridges” in Arabic, is an international NGO with the mission of “Maximizing the potential of Syrian youth through education”.
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