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Changing the Game: AI-directed Dynamic Screen-time Wind-Down, Pediatrician-endorsed

April 08, 2024
Written by 
Brian Mak
3 min read

Screen-time…It’s been a hotly debated topic for years! And we certainly don’t have a shortage of takes about screen time:

TL;DR: Not all screens are bad. Some screens are actually really good! Instead of an all out ban of screens, we should be discerning about which screens our kids should consume. However, there is the reality for parents and educators that managing the amount of time with screens and the (oftentimes…) meltdowns that come with screen-time management is really hard. 

And so...where do we go from here? We spoke to leading experts including educators, doctors, parents, and we developed something that will literally be a game changer…

An AI-Directed, Custom Screen-Time Limit for Your Children

You no longer have to be the bad screen cop with the help of Yeti ConfettiTM Kids.Yeti Confetti will do it for you, and will take away the challenge of managing the amount of screen-time your children are getting daily, while also helping to take away the tantrum-filled “goodbyes to screens”.

Why did we build this?

We know…tech, games, mobiles apps…they’re all designed to keep you on their apps, and keep kids glued to the screen as long as possible. They are optimizing for as much time on the app as possible. But, we’re not in that space. Instead of keeping you on as long as possible, our goal is to optimize for learning outcomes. "It doesn't matter if it's by an inch or a mile, [learning is learning]." Whether it's 15 minutes or 60 minutes, our studies have shown that regularly spending a little bit of time with Yeti Confetti, has helped kids master skills and accelerate their learning across Math and English at various ages and levels.

Yeti Confetti Kids is already a personalized learning companion that uses AI to create and adapt content and lessons to every individual child. Our new Screen-Time Limit feature uses that same exact principle. Yeti Confetti partners with Parents and Educators to understand screen-time preferences, and uses AI to generate a custom screen-time wind-down process, tailored for every child, every parent, and every educator.

Moreover, our research found that session breaks allow your children to reset and explore physical activities between fun learning adventures, helping them to deepen meaningful learning sessions with Yeti Confetti Kids! 

How does it work?

After each adventure, Yeti ConfettiTM auto-pilots a wind-down sequence when your children approach their daily time limits. The daily limits are set according to WHO recommendations and adjusted to your children’s age. Or you can set your own rules for each child in the Parent World. 

Do Your Children Need More Yeti ConfettiTM Time?

Add additional time easily without changing the default daily limit for those long car rides holidays or family dinners. 


Have an idea for new features on Yeti ConfettiTM Kids? We’d love to hear from you. Send us a message at If your children are enjoying playing with Yeti ConfettiTM, spread the word by leaving us a review in the Android or iOS app stores. Your review will help parents like you in making confident decisions about quality edu-tainment for healthy screen time!

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